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Your Feng Shui Colors

Source: Singapore Arts Geomancy & Fengshui Shop   Published: 5/31/2014 8:56:45 PM   Clicked: 1036

Before you slip into your uniform of the day, be conscious about your mood and what tasks you want to (preferably) or have to do accomplish today. Consider dressing in the Five Chinese elements to inspire a successful and joyful day.

Here's a quick reminder of the elements, their colors, and their energetic attributes, specifically to dress your attitude:
Green Wood Fresh Starts and Newness
Red Fire Get it Done and Motivation
Yellow and Beiges Earth Nurturing and Compassion
White and Metallics Metal Abundance of all Sorts
Blues and Blacks Water Mental Clarity and/or Going with the Flow

You don't have to be limited by the five colors of the Feng Shui elements, you can dress in the Daily-ColorAlchemy-Colors too.
RED: Vitality
ORANGE: Creativity
BLUE: Focus
INDIGO: Intuition

Using color doesn't have to be crayola-like. Take creative liberties. If you love magenta or hot pink instead of red, you are still dressing to motivate. Because pink is the color of the Heart Chakra, you have a double whammy: you add fire while loving yourself and others.

Think about breaking out of your comfort, "color and personality" zone. Feng Shui and Color Alchemy is all about balance and if you tend to wear the same colors all the time, you may have a tendency to be exclusively living in the energy of your comfort color.

Good decorative rules for

Your environment and the elements:
Have all five of them represented in every vista, not just with color: consider texture, pattern and/or materials too.

Dressing Yourself with the elements:
Wear the Daily ColorAlchemy & Chakra Balancing Color to absorb all the energies that enhance all your human qualities every week!
Dressing in the elements, use patterns and textures too. Otherwise, you may look like this Feng Shui practitioner I once encountered that was wearing a blue shirt, red tie, yellow pants- I have to stop! The only other detail that was missing was his red nose and floppy shoes! Good design is always good Feng Shui (but not necessarily the other way around).

So how are you feeling?
Are you tired because you have been running too fast and burning the candle at both ends? Take a dip in a cool pond and wear something blue.
Are you bored? Try red to shake it up and/or some green for a new look at life.
Are you blue and down in the dumps? Wear yellow and earth tones are great to slow down and nurture yourself or others.
Do you just want to be uplifted? Wear your favorite bight color and have some fun!

And what are you doing today?
If you have been putting off writing that article and the deadline is looming, wear blue for metal clarity and focus, but burn a fragrant candle at your desk to not slip into go-with-the flow, stream energy.
Do you have a late-in-the-day presentation where you need to stay pumped and excited? Variations of red will not only keep you going but it will get your audience enthusiastic too.
If you are providing counseling to someone, wear beige or light yellow: you will be grounded and your gift will be nurturing and full of love.
Wear green when you want creativity and vision to design new ventures or inspire fresh ideas.

And my favorite: Wash your face, brush your teeth, count your blessings and wear any of the jewel tones to have a full and abundant day!

Learn that the five elements and their colors are the key to all Bagua energies including the Life Aspirations, your Best Directions, and to enhance your Flying Stars.


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