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Positive Fengshui Property

Source: Singapore Arts Geomancy & Fengshui Shop   Published: 5/31/2014 9:15:06 PM   Clicked: 821

Following the principles of feng shui can create a feeling of balance, harmony and welcome in any modern property .

Every human being has three kinds of luck. Heavenly luck is given to you when you are born, so if you are a rich man's child you inherit wealth. Human luck means if you work hard in your lifetime you will probably achieve good fortune. The third kind is feng shui, which means you live in harmony with the environment and the house you live in is in harmony with you.

Positive energy needs to flow into the house, and stay there, go up the stairs into the heart of the house rather than flowing out the back door.

A house with good feng shui has a smooth, strong and clear energy flow to the front door – nothing should block the door or pathway. The entryway is the mouth of "chi" where all your opportunities come in. A yin/yang symbol to the left of the front door represents prosperity for the next generation.

Positive, meaningful energy is expressed in a clean space with fresh air and plenty of light. The house is "nourished" by fresh, clear and free-flowing energy: get rid of clutter, hard corners and obstacles, and keep surfaces clear.

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